Events: 2004

November 3-14, 2004 Second Exhibit, held in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “Signs on Skin, Beauty and Being: Traditional Tattoos and Tooth Blackening Among the Philippine Cordillera” as part of an exhibition of photographs and artifacts that has traveled around the Philippines, Los Angeles, Berkley, and is currently on display at the University of Michigan. Exhibit will be held at the University of Michigan for the remainder of the month. Check out the article about exhibit opening of “Signs on Skin, Beauty and Being: Traditional Tattoos and Tooth Blackening Among the Philippine Cordillera”. Also check [1] Elle (Amang-RED), Lee (Amang-RED), and Leo Zulueta posing for the camera. [2] Elle (Amang-RED) and Professor Ikin Salvador (Inang-BLUE) getting ready for exhibit. [3] View of the exhibit. [4] Beginning of exhibit, starting with a ritual to honor our ancestor spirits by sprinkling wine while dancing to the sound of gongs. [5 & 6] Elle (Amang-RED, Elle (Amang-RED), and Bernard (Amang) give a lecture about the revival of Filipino tattoos, and showing off their tattoos as well. [7] Group picture of everyone involved with the exhibit.

Sweet Thang Pastry Shop, is owned by Bernard Runo, who is Amang of the Chicago Chapter of the tribe. Bernard, a classically trained pastry chef has worked in the kitchens of the city’s best hotels and learned his trade in France. 1921 W. North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622 [1] Picture taken at the front of Bernard’s Shop. [2] Bernard posing for the camera as he sells his pastries [3] Bernard giving a lecture about the tribe.

November 7, 2004 It was a great honor to finally meet Leo Zulueta after knowing each other over the phone for quite sometime. He has been in the tattooing game for 30 years and is known as one of the pioneers of tribal tattooing. [1] Elle, Leo Zulueta, Lee and Bernard at Spiral Tattoo in Ann Arbor, Michigan [2] the beautiful LADY TATTOOISTS of SPIRAL tattoo BEV and DIANNE posing with Lee and Elle [3] Lee, Leo Zulueta, and Elle – Thank you for your kindness and hospitality during our stay in Michigan. [4] Leo tattooing Bernard Runo’s left arm.
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Chicago Chapter of the tribe: BERNARD RUNO (AMANG) is with Ernesto of BORNEO HEAD-HUNTERS.

November 2004 Skin& Ink Magazine, November 2004, Issue 115.

October 28, 2004 Last day in California for Professor Ikin Salvador before going to Ann Arbor, Michigan to prepare for the second exhibit.

October 9-23, 2004 Our exhibit of “SIGNS ON SKIN, BEAUTY AND BEING: Traditional Tattoos and Traditional Tooth Blackening Among the Philippine Cordillera” located at Pusod [1808 5th Street / Berkeley, CA 94710]. “Signs on Skin, Beauty and Being” consisted of a talk by Professor Ikin Salvador with video documentation, traditional tattoo demonstrations, shaman rituals, and BIBAK (a coalition of various mountain province tribes) performing Northern Philippines Mountain dances. For more information, please visit
We would like to thank everyone who made it to our exhibit. Thank you for participating and making our exhibit such a success.

– Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe

September 11-12, 2004 13th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture, Pt. Fermin, San Pedro, Ca. [1] Information on festival [2] (Top Right) Tribe Member, Wave (Anak-BLACK), is featured on the flier [3] Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe`s booth at the festival [4] Some tribe members helping in the booth.

August 14, 2004 Bonfire and Potluck at Huntington Beach. Elle (Amang-Red) and Jay (Amang-Blue) celebrating their birthday`s. To view more pictures click HERE.

August 13-15, 2004 Anthropologist LARS KRUTAK from Skin&Ink magazine came down to photograph and interview several members of the tribe. Article will be out in December. [Photo Below: LARS KRUTAK and the Representatives of Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon – ELLE (Amang-Red), BIGGZ (Amang-Red), LEE (Amang-Red).

July 17-19, 2004 Tattoo Body Art Expo, Fairplex Pomona. [1]Pictures of Tribe Members and Church of Steel [2] Art Aguirre & Zel

July 2004 Skin&Ink magazine has ELLE (Amang-RED) along with the friends of the tribe, Art Aguirre and Alex Padilla on page 38 of the magazine. Also there is a great article on Eskimo Tattoos by another anthropologist friend LARS KRUTAK.

June 24, 2004 TATTOO Magazine, September 2004, Issue 181.Follow up on tribe member Elle (Amang-Red).

June 8, 2004 Tricia Allen & Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe lectured about tribal tattoos at University of California, Los Angeles.


May 5, 2004 KEONE NUNES showing ELLE (Amang-RED) the traditional way of how ta-tatau is done. It was such a great privilege for a member of TATAK to witness the tattoos being applied the traditional and the spiritual way. Elle sat and stretched for KEONE as he tattooed away. Soon enough we will gain the methods of how our ancestors applied the sacred Batek (tattoos).[2] Picture taken with Bernard and Keone.

May 2, 2004 TATTOO Magazine, July 2004 -Issue 179. Follow up on tribe member, Eric Barrios (Anak-BLACK).

April 20, 2004 EXHIBIT OPENING OF “IGOROTS 100 YEARS AFTER THE ST. LOUIS, will be held at UP VARGAS MUSEUM AND FILIPINIANA CENTER in Manila, Philippines. Exhibition will be presented by Anthropologists Ana Labrador and Ikin Salvador. Ana Labrador will lead the exhibition on the new form of representations from the Bontoc side creating a unique process of presenting images from the usual stereotype of highland people. Ikin Salvador will present an exhibition on body and self that focuses on their custom of tattooing, teeth blackening and other forms of body ornamentation.” Photographs of Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe will be dubbed in as “BATEK REVIVAL” with the other photographs from the TATTOO FESTIVAL in Kalinga. Exhibit runs until June 20, 2004. After that the exhibition will be brought to the Bontoc Museum in mountain Province (July-October) and in UP Mindanao (November).

March 17, 2004 The Inquirer- the national newspaper of the Philippines. Article is about Filipino-American`s revival of Tribal Tattoos of the Philippines. It features Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon members, Elle (Amang-RED) & Zel (Inang-BLUE). The article can also be found in Asian Journal Newspaper (pg 11 & 17)** Many Thanks to IKIN SALVADOR, a member of the tribe from the Philippines, for writing the article!!!!

March 6 & 7, 2004 Central Coast Tattoo Convention. Paso Robles, California. [1] The Speezy Tattoo [2 & 3] Biggz – (Amang Red) judging tattoo competition.

March 05, 2004 TATTOO Magazine, May 2004 – Issue 177. Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon ” Mark of the Four Waves” Tribe made its debut. Check out the magazine’s outskirt. Magazine also includes a free 15″ x 20″ poster of some members from the tribe.

January 2-4, 2004 Body Art Expo. Pomona, California. [1] The Speezy Tattoo [2]Lee (Amang-RED), Art Aguirre, Elle (Amang-RED), ?, Bruce, Biggz (Amang-RED) [3] Biggz, Goethe (friend from CHURCH OF STEEL), Elle, Jay (Amang-BLUE) – The Board.

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