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  • First answer the posted questionnaire. It will start you in the research of your background. This is important. The more detailed the answers to these 17 questions are will better determine your patterns and tell your family storyline. These tattoos will be forever be embedded on your skin so please take the time to fill it out.
  • Email your answers to: . Explain who you are and how you found out about the tribe. Also mention why you want to get a tattoo and where you are located. This background information is required to know who you are and your level of sincerity. Also include your full name, phone number and other contact information. The design fee depends on size of the piece. Once you have the price and are ready to pay, please send the payment via Pay Pal. After we receive payment, we will begin the design. The process will take 4-5 weeks to finish, depending on the size of the tattoo. After the 3rd week we will contact you to meet for a rough draft drawing on your skin. From there we can schedule a tattoo appointment for the 4th or 5th week.
  • Also if we, the tribe, agree in doing your design, you will be referred to one of the tattooists the tribe works with and trusts. These are very sacred patterns so we are careful who will tattoo them. There is “NO EXCEPTION” to the rule. If you want to work with us you will have to work with our tattooists.
  • Please BE PATIENT when turning in questionnaires or waiting for us to answer your questions. As mentioned up on top, we deal with many e-mails from Filipino communities around the world. So please do be patient! It is worth the wait. These kinds of tattoos are not fashion statements but roots and culture, our identity and heritage, and should be given time to be thought out. It’s a spiritual journey, we want to give it the respect it deserves!
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Interested in joining Tatak Ng Apat Na Alon Tribe or Getting a Tattoo?

TATAK NG APAT NA ALON (Mark of The Four Wave) is a tribe of today that is bringing light to the “PAST” the Spaniards wanted us to forget! The contemporary tribe of today is dedicated in reviving tradition of the old and watering it for future youths to see. All below these words are pictures of some of the members of the tribe and all and all have search and dug up there past to make a story on their arm. Every lines, shapes, and symbols means something. In today’s age we need to step up to the plate and read literature about our past. To be proud of our race we need to identify who we are first!

Be PROUD of who we are the FILIPINO PEOPLE! Be proud of the culture we had before the raping and pillaging of the Spaniards. They called our poetic beliefs and beautiful cultures, paganistic and savage, we are but primitive barbarians to them! Yet when they came under the flag of Catholicism they force the death of most beliefs by forcing their religion to the people of the land that is more savage and barbaric to say the least. It was a massacre of cultures in the many islands of the Philippines. That is why we need to wake up together as a people and be aware of the cultures that is well disappearing amongst our midst. Our ancestors fought too many battles for Filipinos of today to be proud of who they are and what their individual island culture is all about, from all that greatness what do we have to show in return? LOOK at what is happening to the Philippines general population culture, it is almost assimilated to the general culture of the western world. That is too SHAMEFUL to our ancestors that drew blood for what they believed in.

When people ask what is a Filipino? What will Filipino’s say? We do not want our grand children to look at us in the eyes, wondering who they are as Filipinos?

That is why we are digging up the death of most beliefs and breathing life with a proud perspective of what it really is to us as a people – the definition of who we are before the assimilation of foreign religion. It will give the real mirror image of our identity. So from the revival of tattoos it will only be the beginning of unfolding what covered Philippines eyes for centuries. Having a tattoo is not wrong because it is not wrong to be yourself; it is your culture, and your belief as a Filipino.

That is why the Tribe is dedicated in reviving traditional tattoo arts of the Philippine Islands. From the Big Island of LUZON’s proud Igorot tattoo traditions, to the VISAYAN islands the Spaniards spoke of as, “La Isla De Los Pintados” (Island of the Painted Ones) because the people called “Pintados” were literally tattooed from head to toe. And on MINDANAO island the traditional patterns found on their textiles gives a glimpse to the regions native tribes myths, folklores and legends that were used as the subject of their past tattoo traditions. All through out the Philippines our people were blessed with these beautiful adornments, it gave us distinct definition to who we are as an island people.

Remember! A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. All the ancients, “our ancestors,” are of course the roots on the tree of life, which is our culture. As one nation, the
great revolutions and battles that the Philippines have been through, is the large strong tree trunk standing proud always! All the branches tell the story of our grandparents, and the leaves are our parents. All from the bottom, on to the top each support one another to reach for the warmth of the sun. To reach for the skies, to see the light of day NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN!

However, today in Filipino communities many parents fall into that category of a withering leaf that falls off the tree of culture. They simply just withered away for not teaching the youth about how beautiful it is to be a Filipino and having such a diverse culture as ours. Today it is our responsibility to research for ourselves and learn to seek answers about our roots, the trunk of the tree, its branches, and its leaves. After all, we are the fruit it bared and within that fruit, is the passion of learning about our heritage, THE SEED! Because the seed is needed to make that new tree. The new tree healthy and filled with consciousness. So brightly opened in seeing the true identity of our race. The FILIPINOS, The Mark of The Four Waves! So to everyone out there water the seedlings inside and watch our pride grow as we bridge the gap between our ancestors from roots to trunk, branches, leaves, and of course
the future, the seeds.

TODAY! We are on the verge of gaining a renaissance to revive lost traditional tattoo arts of the ancient Filipinos.