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  • First off please answer the posted questionnaire, it will of course start you in the research of your background. Make sure that you take the time in researching the answers to these 17 questions because the more thorough and detailed it is the better it is to determine what patterns you deserve and what will tell of your family storyline. Remember these tattoos will be forever be embedded on your skin so please take the time in answering the questionnaire.
  • When you are done with the questionnaire, email your answers to: Explain who you are and how you found out about the tribe. Please mention why you want to get a tattoo and where you are from in the states. A background information is required to know who you are and your level of sincerity. Also include your phone number so that we will be able to give you the rate on how much the designing fee will be. The designing fee depends on how big the piece is. Now when we give you the fee price and you are ready to pay please send the payment via western union. From the time of payment we will begin the design. The process will take 4-5 weeks to finish, depending on the size of the tattoo. After the 3rd week we will contact you to meet for a rough draft drawing on your skin. From there we can schedule a tattoo appointment for the 4th or 5th week.
  • Also if we, the tribe, agree in doing your design, you will be referred to one of the tattooist the tribe works with and trusts. After all, these are very sacred patterns so we are careful to who it goes to. So that is why we say “NO EXCEPTION” to the rule, if you want to work with us you will have to work with our tattooists.
  • Please BE PATIENT when turning in questionnaires or waiting for us to answer your questions. As mentioned up on top, we deal with plenty of e-mails from Filipino communities around the world. So please do be patient! It is worth the wait. These kinds of tattoos are not fashion statements. This is roots and culture, our identity, and heritage and should given time to be thought out. It’s a spiritual journey, we want to give it the respect it deserves!
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Animal Chart for those unfamiliar with an animal that resembles their characteristics (click to enlarge)

It has come to our attention that many people would like to have tattoos and therefore would like to get one but are not willing to pay for the price of the consultation fee and the research put into the Filipino designs. In our perspective, the price given is equally fair for our Filipino brothers and sisters – not all are rich but most would agree that it is the price they pay in order to have their storyline and ancestry tattooed onto their skin.

We are not about money, and therefore do not charge ridiculous amounts of money. We charge only by the size and where the tattoos are located. Our profits received from the consultation/designing fee go directly to the tribe’s mission, from the purchasing of antique historical books, to funding field research and exhibitions – all of which are neither free nor cheap for that matter.

Most would presume that books would not cost so much. However, if you try researching and finding books on Filipino Tattoos, you’ll find that it is a rarity to actually find the information and if by chance you do find them, these books do not come cheap. Their prices can range into the hundreds all the way to the thousands. It is our goal to obtain these books to understand the many tattoos that have been lost so long ago. Furthermore, our goal is to build a library that would hold the collected information about tattoos for all Filipinos, so we as a community can all be able to research the information.

FILIPINO TRIBAL TATTOO designs were never available to the public until the elders of this organization stepped up to the plate for everyone to witness the beautiful and rich tattoo history of the Philippines on their skin. We have worked hard to study these tattoo patterns, we have spent our own money in order to obtain the expensive antique books just to have information on Filipino tattoos, as well as, using our own money to fund exhibits throughout the states for Filipino communities to appreciate. So for Filipinos who are interested in the tribal tattoos, please realize that it is made easier for you to get your tattoo by answering just a few questions that will determine the patterns that you will receive, which will tell your family storyline according to your answers. This is a great way to celebrate our ancestors.

So if you think the designs are expensive, try researching this information yourself, buy the books that leads to your ancestry then find out if they have adornment practices like tattooing. I bet the amount we offer in order to design the tattoos compared to the time and effort you put into the research, plus the many books you have to read and buy, the amount we give you will look especially cheap and you’ll realize that what we offer is quite a deal.


We charge separately because the majority of people prefer to get tattooed with a machine not the old fashion way of tapping. We, the tribe, practice the traditional way of applying the tattoo; it is more sacred and connects the person applying the tattoo and the person getting the tattoo to the ancestor’s spirit world.

An elder from back in the cordillera mountains told us that if we practice this old fashioned way of tattooing, it has to be on someone who we believe really earned it, and we the tribe have to give it a proper ceremony and ritual, otherwise we will make it an empty vessel, hollow and without meaning once it is practiced everyday to any ol’ Filipinos that wants it.

From the very start, we give our Filipino brothers and sisters a choice and explain the situation. Plenty understand, that is why most rather choose the machine instead of the traditional way because they too give respect to the elders’ advice about, not practicing something so sacred unless the person we are tattooing achieved something worth the cause of the session.

That is why the traditional way of tattooing is practiced more on the members than Filipinos outside of the tribe, because as a tribe member they go through title and color rank system like back in the day. So as they move up in the title & color rank system they are decorated with tattoos and we are properly practicing tapping the tattoo on that individual who really achieved something, going and respectfully by tradition and following the words of the LAKAYS (elders) mana.

That is why the tribe works the majority of the time with trusted TATTOOIST that work very good with machines because many Filipinos do not want to commit in joining the tribe and go through all the trials. It does not make them bad or different from us because we can understand that they cannot commit to joining so they can’t be decorated the way of the old. It does not make their tribals lesser just because they are tattooed by machines they are very anxious for the cause and the movement and we can respect that as they are bridging that gap by getting their heritage on their skin, we encourage it. And since the tribe did the research and designing for that individual interested, he or she is of course charged for the consultation/design separately from the tattoo.

We ask that you do not copy the patterns of the tattoos given here as well as the tattoos from our other pages. These tattoos have actual meanings that are specifically made for the person wearing them. Each pattern and design depict their own personal stories of their lives and ancestry, NOT YOURS!!! “Research your own roots and water your own tree.”